Patient Health Record

Executive Summary

It is a web application for a Healthcare IT company and provides features for members to add their health related, personal and other information to their profile and export the details to a smart card in a standard XML format known as Continuity of Care Record (CCR). The CCR can be parsed by any application which is CCR compliant and can read a smart card

Member Registration – Member registration consists of registration, membership plans and online payment.

Patient Information – Patient information consists of Personal Information, Emergency Contact Information, Physician Information, Guarantor, Employment Information, Next of Kin, Insurance Information, Family History and Social History

Health Information  – Health information consists of Allergy, Medical Information, Medication, Immunization, Encounters, Surgeries, Diagnostics and Vital Sign.

Other Information – Other Information includes Hospitals/Pharmacies, Care Plan, Emergency Information, Nutrition Support, Specialty Modules, Advanced Directives, Legal Document, Care Giver Information, Language Category, Disease Management, Patient Education, Functional Status and Access Privilege.

CCR– CCR section consists of creating CCR XML, writing the XML to a smart card and importing CCR from a smart card into the database.

Lab Orders

Reports – Reports include graphs and charts, summary reports, demographic summary and emergency card data.

Message and Emails  – This module includes sending/receiving messages between patients/physicians, deleting messages and sending emails to patients/physicians.

Document Upload – This section include uploading documents and ordered form.

Alert and Reminders

Accounts Home – This section includes Add Member, View Terms and Conditions, View Billing Activity and Edit Payment Method.

Physician Section   – This is the physician’s section where the physician can search for patients which are mapped to the physician (from the Physician Information section in Patient Information section). The physician can then view/edit the health information for a patient.

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ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2005, Smart Card, Javascript, CCR