Patient Transition Software Automated Testing

Executive Summary

The client, a service provider in healthcare domain, has an application which is an amalgamation of many interdependent modules, e.g. Patient Referral System, Patient Transport System, etc. The application is used by a group of hospitals who agree to share their patient records in a common database. If a patient needs certain facility which is not available in the hospital she is admitted to, the Patient Referral System can help her find a suitable hospital that can provide the facility – taking cost, distance, and other factors into consideration. Similarly, when a patient needs to be transferred to another hospital, the Patient Transport System makes life easier. Similarly, here are various other modules in the application, each with its unique functionality and goals. The client was searching for an offshore testing partner who could understand their business needs, analyze their complex application, write automation test cases out of the existing manual test cases, design a robust framework, and automate the entire testing effort. When they contacted Mindfire for the job, our test engineers took up the task, started exploring the application as well as looking for a test automation tool that would best fit the client’s testing needs.

We zeroed in on Selenium WebDriver with Java as the programming language. Our engineers built a robust framework, the creation of which initially took some time and effort but made the automation job much easier ever after. The framework was such that even a person who doesn’t understand the automation scripts could combine a set of test cases and execute them with utmost ease. Running a batch of test scripts is as simple as only providing the test data in an Excel sheet and clicking on a batch file. After execution, a report is automatically emailed to the concerned persons (email IDs need to be given prior to test execution) by the script. The report is a step by step description of all pass/fail events along with screenshots for failures. The framework also generates a log file that provides all the log details

About our Client

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Selenium (Java WebDriver)