Patient's Transport Suggestion Application

Executive Summary

This application is basically used to provide a better way of managing patient’s transport between different transport companies operating in different states of USA who have their contact information registered in database. Each transport company may have request for a transport service and can also provide transport service based on the availability. The patient transport request is basically used for creating and assigning orders for transport provider. In the other hand patient transport service provider is used by the referred transport provider, to schedule the transports for patients assigned to them. One transport service provider company people can log into the application and can create a transport orders for patients on behalf of¬†transport providers assigned. After creating transport order for patients, user can send the required documents for referred transport provider. User can get all the status of the transport form the application. Users can use the application a provider and request of the referred transport provider. User can view the transport detail and also documents assigned to referred transport provider, provide instructions for the referrer transport provider. User can schedule the transports in advance on behalf of the referred transport provider and which will notify the referred transport provider.

This is a three way communication process between who provides the service, who uses the service and who orders the service mutually.

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ColdFusion MX 7.0.2, JavaScript, MySQL 5.0, Webservice, Light Box