Payment gateway in Shopping Application

Executive Summary

We integrated Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) payment method of Authorize.Net in a public website. By using this payment method, the customer can pay bills of any recurring subscriptions without having to put in his credit card information every time. Also, if the customer wants to unsubscribe from the subscription, he can do so before starting of next subscription. One can find the details of ARB in Authorize.Net web site.

Processing Details:

Verify Credit Card information:

User need to insert the credit card information for the ARB subscription as shown above. Then the system validates credit card information. If wrong information is provided, an error message is displayed on the same page. Do the ARB Subscription Payment: After successful verification of the credit card, ARB payment processing is done.

Display the Registration Form:

After successful completion of the payment processing, a registration form is displayed where user enters personal information and completes the subscription process.

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