PayPal Payment Method Integration

Executive Summary

This is an enhancement job to add an additional payment processing method “PayPal Express checkout” to an Ecommerce application. This integration involved PayPal API understanding to make the API calls for the payment processing. The customer must have a PayPal account in order to make payment using PayPal check out process. During the Payment processing the customer is authenticated by the PayPal before the payment process is carried out. The user can change the shipping address inside the PayPal account. The returned result from PayPal is stored in the local data base for the order processing.

The challenging part was to understand and enhance the Order Entry System (OES) for this addition. The OES was the backbone of the warehouse and order shipping workflow and the website sets the order status according to the returned result from PayPal, stock availability and the shipping & billing address confirmation. For a particular order to be valid, combination of all the information provided above should be correct and it gets shipped. Otherwise the order is cancelled. For the cancelled order the money is returned to the customer’s PayPal account.

About our Client

E – Commerce Company


E – Commerce


ColdFusion 9, MS SQL, AJAX