PhoneGap Fertility Companion App

Executive Summary

The client for this project wanted us to build a mobile version of an existing web-based application. This application, fertility companion, was used by patients for :

> Getting their appointment details on dashboards

> Obtaining treatment details on a calendar-based view

> Collating their message interactions with physicians

The project involved developing mobile versions which could on iOS and Android platforms. The team at Mindfire used the “Write Once, Run Everywhere” PhoneGap Framework to achieve the results.

About our Client

Client Description: Healthcare Solution Provider

Client Location: CA, US

Industry: Healthcare

Business Situation

Our The web version of Fertility Companion had been developed by the client and was widely used by patients. The application runs on desktop web browsers. It allows physicians to record their inputs using another desktop application. The patients on the other hand get access to regular updates and treatment history, as and when they want to, from physicians using a web browser. The client however was interested in increasing the accessibility of the application. Given the wide-spread use of mobiles and smartphones, it made sense to the client to build the mobile versions of the application to achieve its purpose. Given the popularity of Android and iOS among smartphones OSes, the client also wanted device specific features to be added to the mobile version so as to make it act like a native app. It was supposed to share the same database as the existing one for the web version.


PhoneGap, iOS SDK, Android SDK, HTML5, JavaScript