Physical Therapy Service

Executive Summary

An online platform designed to help patients achieve their at-home physical therapy goals. There are three type of users, i.e. patient, physical therapist and physician (admin).

Patient has a dashboard, which allows them to see the exercises based on the schedule. They also have access to the educational materials along with option to exchange messages with therapist. Compliance meter is implemented to track the patient’s goal weekly basis. Patient also have access to see his/her overall workout statistics till date in weekly basis.

Physical therapist works with the patients, define best suited exercises based on the diagnosis, manages Vimeo videos / pictures related to exercises, orders, educational materials. The application also enabled therapist to communicate with patient via messages/emails. Therapist has permission to see statistics of all patients assigned to him.

Physicians (admin) have option to manage multiple organizations, related physical therapist and patients

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Ruby on Rails (ROR)