PMS - Billing Module

Executive Summary

It is a module in which user creates visit and visits which have been created from EHR comes straight to the billing Module. Also, user can file multiple claims (Paper/Electronically). User can make insurance/patient payments, adjustments and refunds and user can also lock the payments.

Charge Entry

Encounter Approval – Approves visit

Patient Accounting – Check visit balances, audit trial, payments, adjustments and refunds

Generate Claim – File claims Paper/Electronically, Produce CMS 1500 Form with and without PDF

Insurance Payment – EOB, ERA (835)

Insurance Payment History – Tracking all the checks (EOB or ERA 835)

Deposits – Lock payments (Insurance/Patient)

Claim Inspector – Paper / Electronic claim tracking

Patient Statements

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ASP.NET,C#, AJAX, Infragistics .NET Web Components, SQL Server 2005, HL-7