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Executive Summary

This system is developed to be used as a point of sale software in the beauty parlors by their customers, professional, store supervisors and the store owners. This system is developed using FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced providing client server architecture. The system is developed to be opened in Kiosk mode with touch screen interface. The application is both MAC OS X and the Windows compatible.

The system provides high security to the data accessing depending on the access privilege of the users of this system. It is accessed by 5 different user roles such as: customers, professionals, store managers, store supervisors, store owners and administrator. It provides a highly secured login interface for the user to restrict user to log in to their store only and access the functionalities based on their privileges. The admin has the ability to add new owners with their detail information and register new stores for the owners in the database. Each store is assigned to a supervisor and the owner can add new staffs and managers to his stores. As the application is used by several different stores, it has the ability to auto login to the current store when the application is opened in a store. When the customers come in to the store they can sign in themselves by punching in their name and phone numbers and add themselves to the store queue. The store professional will then serve the customers in the queue one by one. The system has the ability to keep track of all the steps starting from customers sign in process, services given to them and payment process. The store staffs can punch their timecards in and out using this system. The system has a payroll system where store owner can define the payroll structure of their staffs and generate the payroll of a staff based on the total work hours tracked by the system. The system provides and interfaces to the admin, owners and supervisors to view their live store cameras and their customer queues from outside the store via web. The system provides daily, weekly and monthly calendar views to the manager so that they can view their store’s staff schedules and add new schedules on a day. The staffs can also view their own schedules on calendar views. It has a web component for the web visitors where they can find the stores by location and view the store schedules on calendars. The system provides an inventory management module where the supervisor and manager of a store can keep track of the stocks in their store inventory and manage the stocks. If necessary, the managers can notify the store owner if there is any item to be ordered by the owners. The system allows the owners to place purchase orders for their stores using this system and do the payment for the orders via PayPal. The system dynamically deducts the available stocks from the inventory as soon as an item is used in a customer’s service. The system also provides a panel where the store owner and admin can add/edit/delete services in a store and adds special offers for the stores. The admin has an option to compose the templates for payment received emails, coupon reminder emails, and many other emails that are sent out from the system.

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