Political Campaigns Management Application

Executive Summary

This application is specifically designed for managing political campaigns through phone calls and text messaging to take surveys and get the end result of the survey. There are mainly two sections phone bank and auto survey sections. In phone bank section the administrator can create a list of voters and assign to volunteers. Volunteers can call to the voters and take the survey. In auto survey section administrator or campaign coordinators can create a list and just initiate call to list of voters, Here the system will handle asking survey questions to voters, record the responses and save the result to database automatically through IVR. Also the same functionality implemented with interactive text messaging. Apart from this we implemented broadcasting of text messages and voice messages in auto survey section.

Integrated ESRI map JavaScript API to plot the voter addresses on the map for the selected region. The interface allows the administrator to draw multiple polygons on the map to select the addresses of the voters and save them as walklists.

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