POS Application

Executive Summary

We have developed a Point of Sale (POS) application for the hospitality industry using RFID technology.

The application issues RFID bands to guests along with integration with an existing POS application. The application reads tag ids from the RFID tags and associates them with the guest profile. The application works with different RFID readers like RFIDeas AIR ID writer, RFID ENROL ID and FEIG reader and uses the SDKs available with these readers.

There is another section in the application which is for guest recognition, which displays multiple guest details based on the tags scanned as the guests walk in through an Alien RFID Gateway. Alien reader reads 100’s of tags at once and uses the Alien SDK and works for UHF band. The protocols used are ISO 14443 and 15693.

Here is a list of Hardware which we have used for this project.

1. FEIG Reader

2. RFIDeas

3. Alien Reader

4. Magnetic Strip Reader

5. Driving license, Passport scanner

6. Ethaca Printer

About our Client

Hospitality Industry


Hospitality Industry 


ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server 2008, WPF, RFID Tech