POS Mobile Top Up Solutions

Executive Summary

The client is a company which specializes in payments technology. It offers customized software solutions in this field. At the time of executing this project, the client wanted to develop solutions that were futuristic in nature. Its aim was to prompt the population of an entire country to shift some part of its cash-based transactions towards cards and coupons.

The solution under discussion was built for retailers to enable their customers to perform various types of top-up transactions using POS devices. The challenge was to develop an end-to-end solution which offered its users real time transaction responses. Currently the client is established as the leading electronic mobile top-up service provider in the country. Having grown at a remarkable pace it also provides solutions for bills payment, customer loyalty and customer management services, specifically tailored to the local market.

About our Client

Client Description: Confidential

Client Location: Ireland

Industry: Retail


Android, SQLite Database, PHP, Symfony, Doctrine and MySQL, Memcache, C++, Sugar CRM, Rest, Soap, C#, .Net