POS system for Jewelry Retail store

Executive Summary

Designed and developed an application with a complete CRM for retail industries using Filemaker 13 version, which can run on both Windows and Macintosh platform. It maintains data with regards to the Customers, Staffs, Vendors, Items, Inventory, Purchase Orders, Vendor Invoice, Accounting of the Jewelry Companies. The system is used to keep track of the items in the inventory for several different stores. The system also manages the different stores, the items or Jewelry available for several different brands at the stores, the store items that are lent out by the customers, keeps a record when the items are returned to the stores, creates invoices for the customers, etc.

This application helps to generate the reports for each store construction project with all the details of its expenses with different cost types and incomes from the project. It also provides a good accounting management to maintain the Journals and Ledgers for different financial periods.

The application database is centrally hosted at a server and the users of the application i.e the staff access the application on their desktop. On opening the application, the user has to go through a login validation process. The user’s access to the different features/functionality in the application is controlled by the login / security policy defined by the Administrator of the system.

This application holds many features in terms of different modules. Such as:

1. Customer Central: This module records the customer’s contact information. It also gives information about contact persons, the firm’s address, realized turnover, and the customer’s balance of payment.

2. Inventory: Inventory Module is used to identify all the information associated with a specific inventory part. The admin will be able to update quantities, change product names, descriptions, price, category and sub-category.

3. Project: This module calculates a project plan based on time and material. This plan takes into consideration the number of orders that have already been processed, those that have recently been submitted, the current store situation, incoming orders from customers, and the quantity of items needed for project. This module also creates daily project plans and alerts the team if there is any reason to modify the project.

4. Employee Central: This module records the employee’s contact information. It also gives information about contact persons, address, salary, appraisal, employee status, leaves, absent, in-out time etc.

5. Invoice: The customer invoices module can be used to manage customer invoices (create, update, delete, list) that contains several invoices lines. It also helps to generate documents for each invoice in a format like PDF.

Vendors invoices are managed with the following modules:

1. Vendor: Contains the list of vendors, their contact information, realized turnover, and other necessary information.

2. Items: Items Module maintains the Items information, Stock Information, helps view history of inventory transactions, and enables the user to add, edit or delete new items.

3. Purchase Order: This module contains information of purchase orders, approved purchase order lines, non-approved purchase order lines, vendor invoice, etc.

4. Shipping/Payment: This module records all payments that have been made, whether they have been made in cash or by online transfer, and matches the invoices with the payments. It maintains the incoming and outgoing shipping details.

5. Reports: The application provides a lot of reporting and printing options.

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