PPS Online Project Status

Executive Summary

As per requirement, we built an Umbraco custom data-type where user can select project status, date-time and fill notes and save the information. This information will be displayed in a grid like format for further manipulation and on ‘Save & Publish’ of the page, be pushed into Umbraco database with XML serialization. This XML format data can be used in any extended Umbraco control for future use.

This data type includes one drop-down list which will be populated from a list of nodes in Umbraco tree whose parent id is to be given in settings of data-type. This drop-down list represents project status.

It also includes Umbraco date-time picker and comments/ notes field in order to store data-time and description along with selected status. This data-type is developed in such a way that it is going to be actually stored into database when ‘Save & Publish’ button of Umbraco is going to be clicked. This pushes data in XML format which is the storage data-type for Umbraco.

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