Pregnancy Companion App

Executive Summary

Our clients, famous obstetricians in Silicon Valley, wanted to create the next version of their popular pregnancy companion app totally revamping their existing app and with an aim to target the as-yet-untapped Android market. The app keeps would-be moms informed about every little detail of their body, baby, nutrition, medicine, fitness in an interactive way. The challenge was to create a better app where the predecessor has 5-star rating and half a million downloads. Because the app uses various modules like “Social Media Interaction”, “Push Message”, “In-App Purchase”, “Integration with Phone Calendar,” we decided to use a platform which has out-of-the-box solution for the modules. We used Appcelerator Titanium to build the next version of the app and Amazon Services to store user data. Urban Airship was integrated for push notification to iPhone and Android. Both the free and complete versions of the app are planned to hit the app store in March end.

About our Client

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