Prepaid Visa Card Management

Executive Summary

This project has been developed for a client, in partnership with a Bank, to provide a point-of-sale payment channel for the Prepaid Visa Card rollout/selling, Card Activation and Cash Reload network. This is achieved by establishing a dynamic, real-time and direct integration with the Bank web service Platform Card (Prepaid Visa Card) management system assists various card transactions with bank over SOAP web services. The system exposes REST web services for a merchant (swipe machine) to assign a card to a particular consumer then merchant can do operations like activate card, balance load to card, check transaction status etc. The system also exposes some REST APIs for mobile app where the consumer can sign up first and is allowed to perform various operations like add balance to card, transfer balance from one card to another card, block card, check transaction history etc. The system has also integration with an SMS service provider to send Offer/OTP messages to consumer-registered mobile numbers and also communicate with CRM logistic over REST to manage the merchant and allocation of VISA card to merchant. For security, all traffic from the mobile app/devices are encrypted through HTTPS and API messages are signed using a technique known as HMAC (Hash-Based Message Authentication Code). This system interacts as an intermediate system between bank and the mobile app(consumer)/POS device (Merchant).

About our Client

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