Prescription and Pill Reminder System

Executive Summary

Collaborated and designed/implemented a Prescription and Pill Reminder System for patients. The application implements logging and data export and provides features that provide for complete healthcare assistance for older patients. The application tracks medication, treatment and appointment schedules and stores information for accurate prescription inventory, with reminders and an ongoing exportable log.

The intent of this application is to notify patients about the right medication that needs taken at the right time. The application is hosted on a cloud platform with concurrency control in place and exposes RESTful APIs to allow for data to be synchronized between the web and handheld devices that patients may have.

Features we implemented include:

– Multiple profiles for family healthcare coordination

– Alarm reminder with snooze

– Log of past doses

– Track multiple prescriptions and inventory

– Record Healthcare team’s contact information and appointments

– Record Pharmacy information and prescription notes (refill requests/availability) – Flexible scheduling

– Exportable reports

We used Symfony2 as the framework and Propel 1.6 as the ORM. Twig templates were coded for the web applications UI. Optimistic concurrency control was chosen as the design pattern and the work was carried around that to address issues with concurrency and race conditions.

About our Client

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