Prescription Benefits

Executive Summary

The Prescriber Benefits implementation is used for developing and transferring messages needed to provide PBM member data (eligibility information, pharmacy benefit coverage, and group-specific formulary information) to physicians in an ambulatory setting.

The Prescription Benefit service puts eligibility, benefits and formulary information at a prescriber’s fingertips at the time of prescribing. This enables prescribers to select medications that are on formulary and are covered by the patient’s drug benefit. It also informs them of lower cost alternatives such as generic drugs and ultimately ensures that the staff in the pharmacy receives a “clean” prescription. Unnecessary phone calls from pharmacy staff to physician practices related to drug coverage are reduced.

About our Client

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The UI comprises of the interactive custom designed and applied using client side technologies (like jQuery, CSS). The UI is tightly coupled with the Web service in background which is used to fetch data available for paging and change in Pharmaceutical Benefit Manager (PBMs) for patients having multiple coverage.