Product designer and e-commerce site for industry apparels

Executive Summary

Developed WordPress WooCommerce based product designer site which allows users to customize and order industry apparels. Users can add custom designs to items, select decoration method to be used, pay for them or request a quote from the admin to receive accurate and/or discounted prices.

Integrated with UPS SOAP APIs to fetch all the available shipping methods along with their prices given the destination address & total weight of shipment as input. We used it to display the available UPS shipping options like Next Day Air, UPS Ground, etc. to customers so that they can select preferred option for shipping for cart items.

Integrated with Sanmar, an apparel manufacturer, SOAP APIs to retrieve catalog information of Sanmar including product prices, weights, color, size, image URLs, etc. The APIs also provide daily updates in the catalog. We used it for automated update of the website catalog to add new products & remove discontinued products.

About our Client

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