Project Efficiency & Management

Executive Summary

The client for the project specializes in serving the needs of companies in the entertainment industry. They wanted us to develop a software product to enable its customers to efficiently manage their projects. These projects are related to the development of creatives and their proliferation across nodes in their broadcast networks e.g. stations and sub-stations.

Major functionalities that needed to be incorporated were those of project creation/mapping, workflow management, role assignment and work distribution. This product is aimed at helping customers manage their ongoing and new projects effectively. Besides infusing more certainty and predictability in their execution, the intent was also to bring about more synergy amongst the participating individuals. Broadly, the product facilitates creation of a project entry by the owner, who after laying down the charter induces other participants to fulfill their responsibilities/actions in ways so as to deliver the best results with the scheduled timelines.

About our Client

Client Description: Confidential

Client Location: USA

Industry: Media & Entertainment


JAVA, Spring Framework , Angular 10, jQuery, AWS, Database- PostgreSQL 9.4, JavaFX for Asset Sync.