Project Management Database

Executive Summary

It is a project management software which is an assembly of client, partner, company of the client as the compulsory information and optional information are documents(whether it is a mail, letter, memo, fax etc.) related to a project, tasks associated to a project, invoices of the project, receipts of the project if any.

In this system the project is a primary module apart from that rest are secondary modules. It has Dashboard section which navigates accordingly the logged-in user, keeps a track of log-in and log out time of a user and also it provides Admin section where certain customers are provided privileges, whether they have limited access(read only), or full access to this system.

Some of the important secondary modules in this system are, Money which contains sub-modules like invoices, receipts, proposals accounting where all invoices, receipts created are stored in this system. The system also provides facility to print as well as email the above sub-modules.

Contacts Module stores all the contacts and companies, which includes all employees or staff, partners, the company or client and contact information of persons belonging to companies. There is another feature in this module that is exporting contacts and company into V-Cards. Then comes the Document module which has all the documents stored, these are actually the documents used in projects, the type may be of letter, fax, memo, mails. In this document section we can check mails, send this document as a pdf, or just save the doc as a pdf.

In this system there are some General Features in all modules like, In every module of the system there are buttons to navigate to and from to previous screen or next screen, buttons are provided to navigate first record or last record, previous record or next record, apart from that it has features like searching data instantly, creating new data, deleting data(depends on user access), it has list views, detail views in one screen but separate tabs, export to excel, printing data, generating reports(summary and without summary).

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