Property Insurance Management

Executive Summary

Efficient data management is crucial in the property insurance industry for accurate assessments and streamlined processes. Our client, a prominent player in this sector, recognized the need for an innovative solution to enhance the way property data is stored, accessed, and analysed. They envisioned an application tailored to meet these unique requirements, aiming to revolutionize insurance operations.

As businesses expand, efficient data management becomes increasingly critical. Recognizing this challenge, the client turned to Mindfire Solutions to develop a solution to address their expanding need for data storage. We performed a thorough analysis and collaborated closely with the client to get a measure of what was needed to be done. This resulted in an advanced report management system that not only met the immediate requirements of the client but also laid the foundation for future scalability and growth.

About our Client

Client : Confidential

Location: Canada

Industry: Real Estate


Presentation tier:

  • Web application developed in PHP 7.4.
  • Ajax

Business tier:

  • Mindfire’s implementation included business objects
  • The app was developed in PHP, with capabilities to generate both DOC and Excel reports.

Data tier:

  • MySQL Server

Server side:

  • Ubuntu 20.04, PHP7.4.

Client side:

  • IE7, Safari, Firefox browser support on any machine.
property insurance management