Purchase Order Management System

Executive Summary

This is a system developed in FileMaker Pro Advanced 9/10 that keeps track of the Stores and their Purchase Orders from different Vendors. This system comprises of 3 main modules such as: Items, Vendors and Stores. The Items section stores all the items used in the system along with their detail information. There are options to add/edit/delete items from the system. The items are supplied by vendors which are maintained in Vendors section of the system. All the vendor information and their contact details are maintained in the system. The system has the functionality to add multiple vendors/suppliers for an Item and vice versa. The system has a module that keeps track of the Stores and the list of items purchased by the stores. The users can purchase/order new items for their stores using this system. The system allows the users to view the items and their prices available for different vendors and order the item from a vendor of their choice. The system has built in printing and reporting features that allows the store users to print their order reports sub summarized by the item category and order status or by vendors and send them to their franchise.

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