Executive Summary

IDS is a software system designed and implemented as a dashboard application to gather system status, network statistics and application logs of different systems and analyze them. It works inside a LAN or over the internet. Basically it gathers data from client systems and stores them at a centralized server. At server side, backend scripts parse the stored data and save it in the database.

Other features include a notification system and a rule processor. The notification system is meant to send notifications in the form of mail or SMS whenever some client-system (asset) goes down or is about to go down. Using rule processor we can design rules. The system logs and application logs are then tested based on these rules and the responsible users are notified accordingly.

All the logs saved at the server are represented nicely using graphs and tables. The system also generates reports based on the analyzed data.

About Our Client

Client: Custom software development company

Location: Tortola, Virgin Islands, British

Industry: Software


PythonDjango, collectd, rsyslog, pyparsing, reportlabs, pyExcelerator, Mysql, jQuery, Google charts API

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