Quality Assurance for a Voter Data Collection and Reporting System

Executive Summary

Ensured quality on deliverables for a Voter data collection and reporting system. The application allows the admin to manage campaign related data. It has different sections which have important roles in the working of the whole system.

The different modules include the admin section which allows the admin user to monitor the complete working of the site including creating and managing different campaign users/volunteers, creating, optimizing and assigning walklist and then monitoring the status of different walklist as per the surveys taken by different volunteers. Search voters based on tags, area, name and also manage, export or create lists of the users and can review the reports of the different surveys done using the mobile application.

Tested the Map Based Walklist which is a user friendly map which allows admin to plot different walklists and also do route optimization. Integrated Phonebanking which allows volunteers to make survey related calls to voters without the worries of installing phone lines or renting cell phones. It also allows to send messages to list of voters by easily filtering them based on the different search filters.

Tested the mobile canvassing app which allows monitoring and volunteers to take surveys in direct contact with the voters. The app can also be used in offline mode and synchronizes the data to the server once it is online again.

Tested Mass Upload for voter data files which allows admin to upload voter data directly to the database by mapping their details with the tables. The admin can upload thousands of voter records for different campaigns easily using different formats like csv, excel and json formats.

Tested the Survey Admin which allows the admin to create survey pages and its related questions and other details for different campaigns.

Used mantis for tracking issues and basecamp for centralizing communication. The testing of the application included understanding the complete working of the application & its different modules and preparing relevant checklists, reporting and maintaining bugs. We also verified user interfaces against the data saved in database for the different modules like the walklist, search and reports sections. Since the mobile app allowed the user to use it in offline mode, it had to be tested in offline mode of the device and then data had to be verified for correctness in the db after the sync ran in online mode. The applications were tested for its usability as well and per the different admin/users of the application and for it compatibility in different devices and browsers.

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