Executive Summary

The Client firm was facing huge challenge for maintaining the regression and functionality testing for their large set of test cases which covers functionality of very complex and dynamic application. A small change in code may have huge impact on other modules. It was not possible to go through regression testing every time a change occurred or the environment got changed.

So they contacted Mindfire Solutions for Automation Testing. Mindfire Solutions Automation engineers were subtle enough to understand the objective of the client and started work. They have developed large number of scripts which can perform regression and functionality testing for any specific module within 10 to 15 minutes, saving approximately 8 hours of work in manual testing.

About our Client

Client: Solution Provider

Location: Canada

Industry: Software

Business Situation

The client provides different modules for Quality & Business Management domain whose clientele consisted of many big organizations.

Quality Management System (QMS): The QMS software is mainly responsible for continuous quality improvement and ensuring regulatory compliance without compromising product or service quality.

Supplier Management System (SMS): 
The supplier management software system takes a complete life cycle approach to supplier relation management (SRM) .It covers lots of features as Supplier Management, Supplier Evaluations, and Supplier Ratings etc.

Business Performance Management System (BPMS): It is a comprehensive software application through which organizations can optimize their business performance and measure their success by real time corporate reporting dashboards.

Training Management System (TMS): The TMS enables an organization to schedule, track and report on employee training, licensing certifications and qualification for individual employees, contractors or work groups.

So, they were looking for an able software testing services partner who can very efficiently deal with the tasks related to automation testing and help them reduce their effort and pain of dealing with regression testing anymore.