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Executive Summary

In this application, we have worked on a module. In this module, the data of usage (report) for the last month has been fetched from Google Analytic and shown in the layout. It has been build in rails 2.3.12 with Ruby Enterprise Edition-1.8.7 and in backend PostgresSQL has been used. Using Google analyitic username, password and profile-id the connection has been built and using that connection with the dimensions and metrics (provided by the google api), the view count, new-views, social-interaction, page-views for the last month have been fetched and shown in the page. For graphs and pie chart, Google chart-api has been used. In this application, for some section the views-count, time-on-site, website visits have been fetched for this year and for the last year as well and data have calculated and shown in the page in graph format for the comparision purpose. The geo-map has been integrated in the application, which will show the number of views count as per the country. This is a nice interface to get and compare the site data, in the site itself without moving to google-analytics.

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Ruby on Rails (ROR)