Real Estate Management Portal

Executive Summary

Designed and implemented a real estate application that controls various types of users like Clients(buyers/sellers), Agents(brokers), Sponsors and Admins.

A buyer/seller has to come to the application to register himself and post his needs. Top agents are matched as per the locations posted and a request for approval is sent. These Agents then help the clients buy/sell their homes in specified locations. Brokers and sponsors are added to the system by admin who has control over everything in the application. Admin has the ability to view correlation among brokers and clients. All the access like enabling/disabling users, view/edit user details with all other basic and necessary controls are provided to admin.

Bank sponsors’ advertisements are displayed on brokers and client’s pages so that they can contact and communicate if needed. Bank sponsors do referral agreements on basis of certain payment terms and conditions in order to post their ads. These advertisements are displayed on clients and brokers pages that are present in bank sponsor’s sponsoring areas.

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