Real Estate MIS

Executive Summary

The application, built on a data separation model concept, maintains the information of the house and/or lands sold, the legal documents, and the associated sales processes.

It contains a dynamic navigational menu on the left of the menu with the ability for the admin to change the menu order by drag-and-drop. The menu contains headers which on click expand to their sub-menus and can be navigated accordingly. A similar functionality is provided at the header section of the pages through popovers which expand on click. The header popovers also provide dynamic navigational system where the menu items to be shown in the popover can be selected by the admin. It also provides repair services on the homes that are under the Village Homes.

Work Orders are generated based on the deal or the service information selected. This is usually done by selecting the address on a search screen and technicians or contractors are assigned to perform the requested services.

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