Represent Mathematical concept

Executive Summary

This project comprises of different mathematical explorations. And this is being developed to work in desktop as well as iPad browser. An Exploration takes a maths concept and turns into a very simple game. Sometimes it will guide a student through the different stages of a maths problem and sometimes it is as simple as dragging items around the screen to illustrate a mathematical concept.

For example: In an exploration, a student can drag two “handles” on the X and Y axis of a grid. When the green or red squares are dragged, the text in the box to the right is updated. The explorations rely heavily on the HTML5 Canvas, an HTML Element new to HTML5. In the above example, the grid and the handles are just drawings on the canvas. Each of these items has properties like x and y position, as well as built in functions to track whether the item is being touched, mouse over, dragged or dropped.

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