Request Tracker

Executive Summary

In Request-Tracker application, we have built 4 sections, such as Installer, Administration, Manager and User section.

In Installer section, it takes the database server and other settings information and set up the application configuration, create the database tables and the admin user.

In Administration section, it allows the administrator to create and manage categories, managers and forms. In Manager section it allows the manager to create and manage forms and user requests. Manager can post his feedback to the user requests. In the User section, user can register himself to access the request forms generated by manager or admin. Upon requesting for specific category, he can post his comments to the associated manager.

We have integrated PHP Fireform in the application to create request forms by the managers and admin. This plugin allows the user to create and customize his form on the webpage.

This application can be installed and used with any website with iFrame. This has the installation scripts which helps users to install multiple instances of the app quickly.

About our Client

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