Restaurant Bar Management App for iPhones

Executive Summary

Developed an intuitive application for efficient management of restaurant bar. This iOS app works in tandem with the equivalent web application. When users sign up using the web application, they can sign in with the same credentials in the iOS app.

The Profile section displays the user details which can be updated as required. The Manager/User can create a new order by searching for items in the database and adding them to a new order, adding items from old orders from history section or by scanning barcode of the item. If created by manager, order is directly sent to sales representative otherwise to the manager for final confirmation.

When the placed order has been processed by the distributor, it is shown on the receiving list. The Manager/User can mark an item as received or notify it for discrepancy. Once all the items are received the whole order can be marked as received and it goes to the history section. The App user can register a new restaurant through the application.

About our Client

Food and Beverage Company