Executive Summary

What made those 19 companies in the state of New York cough up a whopping $350,000 as fine in the month of September 2013?

The reason was for providing fake reviews on popular review sites. This brought into light the lack of transparency of online businesses and restaurant reviews. However, in the digital age that we live in, online consumer reviews are the second-most trusted form of communication, the first being word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends. A recent Forrester study shows that 32 % of U.S. online consumers trust a stranger’s opinion on forums and websites over branded advertisements.

Our client, a provider of community-based real-time online review system saw a business opportunity in this deficit that was a result of lack of authentic reviews. And this led to the development of a review system that would capture the feedback of customers before they left the premises of a business. This review system has a proprietary method of verification and provides true, balanced and unfiltered reviews that have been gathered in real-time. Also the business owners have no right to modify/delete any part of the reviews. This has made the review system a favourite of both businesses and customers alike and now we see that company’s technology is being used by thousands of customers throughout the country. Mindfire Solutions is proud to be associated with such a reliable and robust product that has found great acceptance across businesses.

About Our Client

Client Description: Entrepreneur

Client Location: United States of America

Industry: Hospitality/Food Establishment


PHP, MySQL, WordPress, HTML5 Geo-Location, IP2Geocode API, Google Geocoding & Maps API, AWS, EC2, SendGrid, SVN,, Lime Cellular SMS API,, SinglePlatform, REST API