Retail and Shop Management System

Executive Summary

This is a complete desktop-based FileMaker application to handle day-to-day business process of the company like to gather information regarding new shop of client, shop building and shop maintenance process, customer management, employee management etc. This system comprises of many modules such as project management module, people management module, company management module, web admin console module, MS AX integration module, time billing module and handover module.

The company has PHP based web application where their clients added the upcoming shops. Previously the web application was static one where every forms are based for only one client. We have made the web application completely dynamic for different clients. Now the admin user is controlling and customizing the web application forms and tabs dynamically according to the requirement of their clients inside web admin console module present in the FileMaker application. Also, user login and privilege management is also integrated in that so that user security can be maintained as well. Web application is using same FileMaker database in back-end and store every information of project in the database. After shop information has been filled up and verified by the web user, now it sends to the project management module.

The project management module is the core module, which deals with the each and every shop, partner and project information. Now it has been verified by assistant and set up the project flow. It includes different tasks management, project flow management, resource utilization, planning the project with proper documentation, project confirmation etc. After these processes, it is now exported to MS Axapta.

By people management module they can manage their employee information with their login process as well. Users, which are dealing with web application, are maintained separately. br> Company management module deals with their client information. Each client is having different set up brands, concept and service and these are well maintained inside this module. Each and every task after completion by assistants are recorded in timesheet and is managed in time billing Module. After shop building is completed it is now handed over to their client and all these processes are managed in handover module for maintenance.

They have another CRM system in MS Axapta where every project information is getting stored and this has been performed in MS AX Integration Module. This is a two-way communication between FileMaker and MS AX via Webservice. Ax is providing Webservice for some of their methods, which are called, from FileMaker by using 360 Scriptmaster plugin. The reverse communication is established by 360 webservice manager. Similarly, they have some database in SQL server, which is used as External data sources for FileMaker application to fetch data.

It has a nice reporting section where users can generate customized excel report dynamically. There are several opening list templates are created according to the requirement of the users and the excel reports are generated.

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