Executive Summary

Mindfire Solutions has been the preferred development partner of this client for many years now. At the time when we started the engagement, the client had operational versions of two desktop applications. One of the applications was an integrated Point-of-Sale system with features to unify every aspect of the day-to-day operations of retail setups. The other one was an integrated management system which could ease the process of measuring performance and improve the productivity of field service operations.

The team at Mindfire has since then been involved in constantly performing enhancement and maintenance work for both the applications. Based on need, our client deploys customized versions of the desktop applications for its customers.

Subsequently, there was a need to develop a set of web applications, which are also mobile-enabled, to be used by the retail personnel doing field work. Essentially, a host of functions are performed by them real time and access to data becomes invaluable at the time of executing them. Realizing the importance and the need for the same, the applications were developed by Mindfire to get the personnel to stay connected with the data – for access as well as updations. These applications also connect to the desktop applications described above.

About Our Client

Client Name : Confidential

Industry : Retail Solution Provider

Location : USA