Retail Management Application

Executive Summary

Designed a Retail Management application for a software products developer which deals with vendors owning product lines and retailers who subscribe to these vendors. In this application, vendors have some product lines and each product line is having some products. The vendors can create new product lines by copying the previous product line.

A widget can be created by adding lists and locations to the widget. A single list may consist of categories and subcategories. Each subcategory consists of some products. Multiple lists and locations can be added to a single widget. The widget can be customized by changing the background colors, font colors and font types. After the widget is created, It can be published as a page tab to the application’s Facebook page.

There are mainly two processes i.e. Syndication and Reconciliations. Through “Syndication” process, vendors syndicate their product line to a subscriber-class. The retailer needs to request subscription to a vendor. While a vendor is going to approve the subscription, he needs to add the subscriber to one of its subscriber classes. Then only retailer will get the incoming-feeds for the syndicated products.

When retailer pulls the syndicated product line, there is a process called “Reconciliation” that comes into play. In this process the retailer views all the products from the vendor and selects the products to be reconciled to his account. Once the reconciliation process is over, the retailer gets all the products from the vendor. We have added an API to return the json-data as per the specification.

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Ruby on Rails (ROR)