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Executive Summary

The platform consists of 3 major modules, i.e. Online Order Placement and Accounting, Online Sales Tracking and Customer Relationship Management.

Online order placement and accounting module enables placement of orders online. The following are the main four functional sections:

– Administration helps to manage products, pricing, inventory, customers, users, setting/configuration

– Order section enables users to derive quotes, placing/fulfill of orders, managing recurring orders, handling back-orders, manage wish-lists, etc.

– Accounting helps to manage invoices, A/R aging

– Reporting section provides various reports in related to order, accounts, etc.

Online sales tracking helps sales person/managers to track their customers (groups, which combines many customers together) sales statistics. Sales manager have ability to track activities/performance of each sales person associated with him/her. Dashboards are implemented for each user group to help them seeing summarized statistics at one place, where the Google Chart APIs are being used.

Customer relationship management module is created to manage leads, opportunities, projects, activities/to-do. There are multiple reports in every section of the application which are done in BIRT. 

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