SaleBuild Application in FileMaker

Executive Summary

This case study illustrates about the development of a database application that is used by sales and telemarketing teams of a company to manage the leads that they generate for their clients. The application streamlines their contact discovery and account profiling processes via the project management system built in the application. It also allows team to archive verified contacts and companies in a contact management module in the same application for future references.

The intent of our client to develop such a kind of application was to streamline processes and eradicate the usage of spreadsheets. The numerous modules developed for the application primarily allows access to super users/admin to oversee various tasks related to company, contact, projects, and employees. The client was also interested in report generation for projects and allocation of the same to the concerened person so that it is visible to him once the project has been created.

With their specifications in place, the client was in search of a development partner who can work on it and deliver a very robust and dynamic application using FileMaker. Mindfire was chosen out of many other companies on the basis of their years of experience in FileMaker application development and their prompt response. Finally, the application developed helped the client manage various information easily and efficiently.

About our Client

Client Description: Contact Data Management Service Provider

Client Location: Canada

Industry : Software


FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced, FileMaker Server 10 Advanced.

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