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Executive Summary

The client for the project had built an app to help his sales people become more efficient in executing their functions. Seeing it deliver astounding results, he realized that there was considerable business potential in getting the app out in the market commercially. Expanding on the idea, he sprucing it up by adding exclusive features to offer solutions targeted at direct sales, businesses and franchises. He also put in place a referral marketing strategy to increase its usage and boost its popularity. He also started targeting events in which he could showcase his app to live audiences, which would sometimes be as large as 1000, and urged them to engage with it real time during the demonstrations. And every time he attempted to this, the server came down crashing the moment the app needed to process concurrent requests from the audiences that contained data. A first bad impression in their minds notwithstanding, the client was very worried about the lost business opportunities. At the time Mindfire was approached, the client was almost in a state of panic about the issue and wanted a quick solution to the problem. Time, he felt, was running out. The team at Mindfire took guard of things and implemented a fitting solution leveraging Amazon Simple Queue Services.

About our Client

Client Description: Confidential

Client Location: USA

Industry:  Software


Amazon SQS, PHP 5.5, PHP Unit, Zend 1.12, MySQL 5.6, Composer, HTML, Bootstrap 3, JavaScript, jQuery, AWS, SQS, Mailgun, REST, GIT, Bitbucket, JIRA, Stripe payment APIs, Wistia video hosting