Sales Force Management
Application - Helping Sales
Managers achieve their goals

Executive Summary

The application is specifically designed for B2B managers to manage their sales team. It allows for tracking of sales force activity and performance and provides directional input to managers via complex algorithms to help them identify weaknesses and key points to enhance their sales force performance. It objectively analyzes sales activities and identifies key steps required to close individual sales opportunities.

The client wanted Mindfire to provide solutions to optimize and rewrite modules for the application. The code base for the project was around 5 year old and lacked documentation. Further, the original developers had not anticipated the growth that the system had undergone over the years which was resulting in overall performance degradation. Communication and development was started concurrently with the client to enhance the current system and add new features to save the product and client’s customers. This required Mindfire to rewrite the logic and restructure the existing framework. Mindfire handled the challenges and played an important role in taking decisions and delivered the product with required features and changes on time. The client was very happy with the resulting product and the expertise and skills Mindfire provided.

About our Client

Client Description: Sales & Management Company

Client Location: Chicago, USA 

Industry: Sales Management

Business Situation

The application was designed to be completely JavaScript driven. Most of the data in the system gets loaded into the JavaScript pages as a collection of Objects. This includes user data and all opportunities in the system. The logic was implemented in JavaScript pages to render the HTML pages for the user interface. This makes the system very responsive to the user’s requests, since the data and logic are available for execution on the user’s web browser to draw out the content.

The system performance was impressive for a start up organization with little data. But as larger organizations were added and used the application, it got slower by the day. The progressive delay was very annoying for the users and the client’s customers started to complain. Following are the noted issues of the system:

  • Lots of data gets loaded to the user machine as a result the machine slows down.
  • The application dashboard page started to take longer and longer to load.
  • There was a need to provide better user interface to the users.


PHP, MS SQL, jQuery, memcache & APC Cache