School Admission Data Management System

Executive Summary

This is a multi-file database solution developed in FileMaker 12 Pro Advanced. The system is used by a school management who runs many schools at different locations all across the world. There is an agent database system which is used by the individual schools to manage their admission, registration, student inquiries, their families and contacts records. The agent database systems allow each school to create student records and corresponding families records in their respective database servers. And then each school’s data are collaborated at a centralized FileMaker server through a nightly server-side script. This centralized database is known as their central repository. Which is used by the School Management only to view the reports on each schools’ admissions, overall student results, etc.

The data collaboration to the central repository is processed via a MySQL database server. Which is used as a middle layer between the FileMaker Pro Agent databases and the Central Repository FileMaker Server. The FileMaker agent databases push data to MySQL database server and then another nightly script scheduled at Central Repository FileMaker Server pulls the data from MySQL to the central FM database. The data transfer between FileMaker and MySQL are done using PHP WebServices integrated in FileMaker databases.

The FileMaker 12’s ExecuteSQL () function and ExecuteSQL[] script step has been used to filter the data set that needs to be transferred to the central repository database. This has made the performance of the nightly script much faster at the server.

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