Selective Coordination Calculator

Executive Summary

This web application is for use by electrical design engineers to design circuits to assist in selection of over-current protective electrical devices. Using this software, electrical engineers can design one line circuit diagram and calculate the circuit fault current and/ impedance against each component along with breaker selection to protect component from high current flow. Here user can design circuits on fly by using component (Utility, Generator, Transformer, Panel, Conductor, Breaker etc.) and its provided connectors. After that they can use the calculation button functionality of this application, where it will calculate fault currents along with their impedance, if any against each component.

Also application provides functionality for validating current circuit design for any missing connectors(links) and highlight the same. Once circuit is validated and calculated it will activate the breaker selection process from its downstream to upstream based on current flow against its next consecutive Panel. At any point of time user can view the current circuit report in PDF format, where we have used JASPER report integration.

Also application will do auto save to keep the current circuit design, if session will expire at any point of time and display information about auto saved circuit while that user log-in next time to the application. Application will provide administrator and user account role. Administrator can design circuits and set them defaults, which will get auto generated when a new user register. Also there are features like copy circuit design along with make any circuit as template, so that it will help to start from any existing design and do the changes on that rather than design it from scratch.

Administrator can see all users activity as last logged in access time. Component library functionality also provided to both administrator and user account. Most of the features are handled by AJAX.

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