Sell Management Module

Executive Summary

The project involved migration of an existing classic ASP application on to the .NET format. The business logic was ported into the .NET libraries which were used in the application.

It involved a sell module which allowed the creation of items by the logged in user for bidding based on the listing format (e.g. Auction, Dutch auction, Trade, Classified Ad. etc). Other users will bid for that item by providing the quantity and quote price details & finally the bidding will be closed depending upon the user’s bid value and end date.

The owner of the Item can edit/Delete his/her item details before the bidding process starts. A detailed bidding view page was implemented which showed the latest bid value, in order to enable users to make a call on the latest quoted price. This page continuously gets updated through AJAX at specific time intervals to display the latest bid value.

There is an admin module as well which has the rights to create new sell templates for different items with different listing formats, so that at any moment those can be activated for fresh bidding.

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ASP.NET 3.5,, SQL 2005