Service Delivery System

Executive Summary

Service delivery System assists its customer to get to know the person, they are going to meet. The system is designed to place different activities of the person at one place in a PDF format. This one-page web-based report summarizes all the relevant introductory data on a single individual. It covers both corporate and relevant personal information. It’s the ideal first meeting preparation.

There are different roles in the system like Researcher, Reviewer and Admin. They will collect data about the order from different social media and create the order. A single order contains data from different areas like Social, Personal, Professional and Achievement and Awards and will go through several approval process before submitted to customer. Customer can place a single or a bulk order at once. Paypal integration is made for payment processing. Customers will be notified on different events like order placed, prepared, credit awarded etc. These orders will help the customer to know better their client before they are going to meet them.

About our Client

Transport and Logistic Company


Transport and Logistics


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