SharePoint Governance Assurance System

Executive Summary

This SharePoint case study focuses on the development of a unique system, namely Governance Assurance System, which can calculate Risks and Impacts faced by an organization at any given time. It is a set of tools for managing and understanding Risk and assisting the user to achieve good Governance and can only be operated and controlled by the users subscribed to it. The idea to develop such a system was the result of long discussions at the client side focusing upon the various challenges and demands that were being faced by sectors of the industry and, in particular, those that resulted in an increased financial burden or that placed increasing demands on resources. The client’s research team focused on core realizations with the aim to develop a single system to resolve every issue they encountered.

Mindfire Solutions was approached to develop the system. Mindfire’s SharePoint Team developed a high-quality product along the proposed architecture and specifications. At the time of delivery, the client was delighted to receive a robust, scalable, and easy-to-use system within the time-frame they wanted.

About our Client

Client Description: Software Service Provider

Client Location: UK

Industry : Software

Business Situation

The necessity to develop a Governance Assurance System aroused after our client encountered challenges by certain sectors of the industry that resulted in an increased financial burden. They were constantly facing issues and decided to develop a single system to resolve them. There was no such system in place that could handle the below mentioned issues:

Lack of Good Governance, compliance and AML procedures.
Limited current returns and recent events encouraged diversification.
Risk and the Assessment of Risk form the basis for Regulatory compliance.
Compliance processes were based upon Legislative and Regulatory interpretation and were therefore similar in nature and scope across institutions.
Regulated parties were not able to interact with and demonstrate compliance to Regulators quickly and cost-effectively for their own benefit.
Regulated parties were also not able to interact quickly and cost-effectively for their customers benefit.

Third Party choice was based on Compliance consideration, which was difficult for another deserving party with good merit and interest.

To resolve these issues, the client came up with the idea to develop a single system that would be capable of providing Risk and Impact assessments of:

Policy and Procedural Strength
Key Persons, Employee and MLRO/MLCOs probity, competence and CPD status
Overall Business Risk integrating all individual Assessments and system functionality


MOSS 2007, VS 2005, SQL 2008, .NET 2.0

IT engineer