Shipment Management Solution

Executive Summary

The client operates a trucking business. They used to manage all their business and transportation work and track all transactions using offline spreadsheets. Seeking automation, the client came up with an idea to create an application to automate and streamline these tasks.

We understood the client’s requirements and developed a comprehensive solution. The app is designed to facilitate seamless shipment management among carriers, shippers and brokers. Each user type has a distinct role in the shipping process.

About our Client

Client : Confidential

Location: USA

Industry: Transportation


Mobile:  Native Android using Kotlin and iOS using Swift

Web: ReactJS, Redux and Material UI

API code: Django REST Framework

Database: PostgreSQL

Task queue: Celery + Redis

AWS Services: EC2, S3, RDS, SNS, SES

Payment Gateway: Stripe Connect

Logging Tool: Sentry

Code Repository: Bitbucket

Deployment tool: Ansible

API Documentation: Swagger

Shipment management Solution