Shipping and Coupon management

Executive Summary

This website is dedicated to shipping of reptiles within US using the services provided by fedex. The end users are the customers who place the orders for their shipping. The site even offers an online shopping specific to their products for their shipping needs. The site has two main modules for customers and admin. The customer needs to register so that he/she can login with their details to place a shipping order, there is background process for address and payment related verification and the site interacts with the fedex site to avail their Services. The admin section is used to generate reports and maintain their entire customer site.

The mobile version is targeted for the customers for optimization, to place their shipping orders via devices such as their phones and tablets. The site uses “active_merchant” function for their payment and fedex plugins in the main website for availing the services. There are mailing services used to send e-mails to the respective customers once a shipping order is placed.

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Retail and Marketing


Retail and Marketing


RoR, jQuery, PgSql