Silverlight App for a Medical Services Provider

Executive Summary

The customer is a reputed Medical Services Provider from Netherlands who develops software for dieticians and nutritionists. Our task at hand was to create a Silverlight Application which was much more advanced than the existing application. The present application could search for a client, add an appointment or add an event.

Following are some of the functionalities that the customer wanted us to add:

  • Implement the page flow
  • Include user friendly rich UI for dashboard to show the details of the client in the form of Grid, List view, Chat, Dashboard etc.
  • Incorporate a fast and flexible search implementation
  • Modify the existing application so that the new and enhanced application can support languages across the globe

Mindfire suggested a modular approach as a solution to achieve the requirements laid down by the customer. The following modules were suggested by Mindfire and each of them had independent pages with distinct functionalities to make the application and easy-to-use and yet comphrehensive in all aspects.

Mindfire Solutions responded proactively to the client’s needs and created modules to offer improved functionalities. We also implemented a Multi-Lingual Application so as to support the multitudes of languages across the globe.

About our Client

Client Description: Medical Services Provider

Client Location: Netherlands

Industry: Information Technology


Silverlight 4.0, MVVM, RIA Service, ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.0, SQL Server 2008

Doctor suggesting hospital program to patient