Singles/ Doubles Tennis Charting Software

Executive Summary

The original application was built in Java using the J2ME framework that runs alongside other applications on Palm-based PDA’s and Smart phones to provide real-time statistical analysis of a tennis match.  The full product is comprised of software that runs on a PDA and on a PC.  The PDA components allow the user to capture tennis match information with just a few taps of a stylus on a PDA screen and then can provide immediate, real-time statistics about that tennis match.  The PC components allow the user to transfer the match information, by way of a Hot sync operation, from their PDA to their PC in order to retain it for future use and to further analyze the match data.    In addition, the hot sync and PC components are part of a licensing mechanism that prevents users from giving the software away to all of their friends – a common occurrence in PDA software.

There are two variants of the product – one for the game of singles and one for the game of doubles.  Each of these variants is architecturally similar but they are functionally dissimilar.  This is due to the fact that the game of singles is significantly different in the way that it is played from the game of doubles (more players, different service and return semantics, etc.). We ported this application to Pocket PC 2003 devices, Pocket PC Second Edition/ Phone Edition devices and Windows Mobile 5 devices.

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