Social media sharing and market place for Photographers

Executive Summary

This project is a photo sharing/discovery and trip micro-blogging platform web-app. It allows the users to explore a massive database of over 45,000 photos, maps, and fine works of art from around the world to share the photos and experiences.

This site also features a marketplace for photographers to showcase and monetize their work. There are various features such as to buy photos and getting a canvas copy, where users are allowed to have their photos organized by creating separate galleries. The users are allowed to share their photos by creating a trip on the go and upload to the site. The users are allowed to browse the site and search for friends. They also have an activity feed of other users that shows the activities of the users that are your friends. The site has various APIs Integrated such Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, google, yelp, Wikipedia etc. which makes the site more interactive and helps the user share stuff on the go.

About our Client

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Ruby on Rails (ROR)